Overland Carts have been featured at the  American Quarter Horse Congress for years. During that time we have built a reputation for a well designed powered cart that saves time and saves backs.  Stop by booth number 807 to experience the joy of driving an Overland electric wheelbarrow.

Overland Carts Overview
Overland Carts use an all electric drive train to power the carts.  The rechargeable battery packs connect to the electric motor which powers the wheels.  This system has been developed over the last seven years to provide the most reliable components.  The line of carts ranges from the standard C27 two wheel drive model to the fully loaded C34 four wheel drive model.  Power dump is also an option allowing for more controlled pours.  The standard warranty is one year on all components and three years on the steel chassis.

Save Time

There are two common reponses when we talk to people in the equestrian industry about their power carts.. They save time and save backs!    The standard run time is 6-8 hours on a standard battery pack and 9-13 hours on an extended range battery pack.  This allows for all day use without stopping to recharge.  The 750 lb capacity ensures that you can haul four times a standard wheelbarrow load without breaking a sweat.  The 10 cubic foot hopper is double a standard wheelbarrow which means less trips.  Many Overland users report a 30% reduction or more in stall cleaning time.  Spend less time mucking stalls and more time doing literally anything else!

Save Backs

Continually hauling heavy loads puts extended wear on backs.  This increases pain and decreases energy.  The Overland Cart works to improve your productivity.  The twist throttle is so easy to use, even a child can safely drive an Overland Cart.  When properly loaded, the cart easily goes up and down inclines.  The auto locking brake feature automatically locks the wheels when the cart is not in use, even on an incline.

Quarter Horse Congress Show Details
Sponsor: All American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
Website: www.quarterhorsecongress.com/
Dates: October 6th – October 25th
Hours: 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Location: Ohio Expo Center – Columbus, OH
Booth Number: 807
Granite Representative:
Tom Short
Show Special: $100 off the purchase of an Overland Cart
Promo Code: CONGRESS100
Shop Online: Overland’s Online Store


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Established in 2008, Overland Power Carts has grown from a single cart to a wide variety of carts.  The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. Zero emissions.  Zero maintenance. Zero noise.


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