Electric Powered Transformer Hand Truck and Hand Truck Foot Plate

Capacity: 750 lb



PHT-C (70194) with 15″ Turf Tires
PHTA-C (70195) with 15″ Dual Ag Tires
PHTF-C (70223) with 15″ Flat Free Dual Ag Tires

70196 – Fork Attachment
70197 – Multi Mover Attachment
70198 – Mantis Attachment

The Transformer Hand Truck from Overland Carts changes the way companies operate.  Built on the powerful electric drive system found in all Overland Carts, this hand truck is capable of handling up to 750 pounds.



Available attachments include:
    • Hand Truck Attachment – Comes standard with Transformer Hand Truck. Designed for general use. Footplate Dimensions: 9″D x 20″L
    • Mantis Attachment (70198) – Designed for oversized loads – Forks measure 34″L and span 14.75″ – LINK
    • Multi Mover Attachment (70197) – Designed for oversized loads.  Base Plate measures 27″W  x 31″ L – LINK
    • Dual Fork Attachment (70196) – forks separate up to 18″ edge to edge – LINK
  • Easy StartPull out the red button to power up the cart. That’s it. See, we old you it was easy!
  • Variable Speed Twist ThrottleSimilar to a motorcycle throttle.  Very easy to use and to control the speed.
  • Enclosed Gear Box – The gears are enclosed to ensure the operators safety.
  • Manual ModeIf you find yourself without power, the cart can be switched to manual mode and pushed around in a freewheel operation.
  • Forward/ReverseYes, the carts do operate in both froward and reverse.
  • Zero Turn RadiusThe carts can be spun manually in a true zero turn radius due to the open differential.
  • Near Silent OperationNo gas motor means the cart runs smoothly and quietly.
  • IMPROVED Battery Life – Our standard batteries now run a full 6 to 8 hours.
  • 110V On Board Charger – You won’t need any special plug or adapter. And don’t worry about losing the charger, it’s built right in!
  • Battery Life Indicator – Easily check the charge by reading the LED lights.
  • Powder Coated Frame – The chassis is welded and powder coated in house for lasting finish
  • Heavy Duty Drive Tires – Our 13″ drive tires with steel hubs power through grass, dirt and mud with ease
  • 10″ Rear No Flat Swivel Casters – Never worry about getting a flat with our heavy duty closed cell foam wheels.
  • Rechargeable AGM Sealed Lead Acid BatteriesThese batteries are spill proof and offer some of the best power in the industry.
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery Pack – Change out your battery pack with our hassle free design. You can swap out our packs in under 2 minutes.
  • Patented DesignOverland carts are a unique product built with patented parts, components and design.

C27-10F (70182)

  • Flat Free Turf Tires
  • 36”H x 28”W x 52”L
  • 170 lb

Additional Specs

    • Footplate: 20″ W x 9″ D
    • Motor: 24 Volt DC Permanent Magnet Motor
    • Drive: Single Reduction Open Differential Transaxle
    • Capacity: Level Ground 750 lbs (295 kgs) Level Ground
    • Speed: 0 – 3.2 mph / (0 – 5.2 kph), Variable
    • Static/Park Brake: Electromechanical, Fail Safe
    • Dynamic/Green Braking: Yes
    • Manual Brake Override: Yes
    • Battery: Removable & Rechargeable 24V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid
    • Controller Capacity: 70 Amps
    • Charger: On Board, 5 Amp
    • Battery Life: 300 to 500 Charge/Discharge Cycles
    • Real World Battery Capacity: 6 – 8 Hours
  • Easy to use – You’re off and running in two steps. Power it up, twist the throttle and you’re off!
  • Safe to Operate – We’ve integrated several elements to keep the operator safe and sound.
  • Made in the USA – Our customers want quality and know they can find it here. All of our carts are engineered and built in Archbold, Ohio.
  • All electric power – Electric power means quiet operation and you can breathe easy knowing there are no emissions to worry about.
  • Minimal Maintenance – The only thing you have to do, is remember to charge the battery.
  • All Day Battery – Our carts will probably outlast the operator, running all day long on a single charge.
  • Massive Capacity – Overland carts can haul up to 750 lbs.
  • Fully Assembled – Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you put it together. All of our carts arrive fully assembled and crated.
  • SmoothStart – Speed is increased in a gradual controlled manner, preventing the cart from jerking away from you.
  • HillSense – The cart will adjust itself on inclines and declines and travel and consistently travel at the speed the user chooses.
  • AutoLock – You never have to worry about the cart rolling away from you – even on an incline. An automatic parking brake secures the wheels in place when the cart is not in use.
  • Emergency Stop – Press the e-stop button if you need to suddenly stop the cart. Pressing this button shuts the unit down in it’s tracks.
  • Four Wheel Design – Four wheels means greater stability, and the entire load is held by the cart, not the user.
  • Overload Fuse – There is a built in overload fuse that measures the inputs of the drive system in real time.  If the incline, load, or terrain begins to overwork the motor, a fuse will stop the cart and prevent any damage to the transaxle.
  • Throttle Controlled Braking – Our simplified design has no extra brake to operate. All braking is done with the throttle.
  • Throttle Defaults to Zero MPHThe cart speed returns to zero if the throttle is released intentionally or accidentally.  Once the cart comes to a complete stop, the AutoLock will then engage preventing further undesired movement.
  • No open gears, belts, or hot components – There’s no need to worry, you’re safe from burns and other injuries.
  • Tested Over Time – From their beginning over 10 years ago, Overland Carts have been tested and re-tested. So rest assured, they have been engineered and built with your well being in mind.

13″ Flat Free Dual Ag Tire

Features all the benefits of our pneumatic dual ag tire, but with the advantage of flat free construction. The semi-pneumatic tire features a thick molded outer core with a hollow center.  This tires does not require inflation and cannot be punctured. The width from the tires is measured as 33″ from tire edge to tire edge when mounted on the cart.

13″ Flat Turf Tire

Recommended tire for flat surfaces and indoor use where cart width is important. The width from the tires is measured as 24″ from tire edge to tire edge when mounted on the cart.

13″ Pneumatic Single Ag Tire

Recommended where more traction is needed than turf tires but cart width is still important. The width from the tires is measured as 24″ from tire edge to tire edge when mounted on the cart.

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Overland Limited Warranty

1 year – Powertrain, Electronics and Hopper
3 year – Chassis
Limited to manufacturing defects
For the full warranty – Overland Limited Warranty

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