Overland Carts combine the functionality of a wheelbarrow with the power of an electric drive system.  The result is an easy to use cart that makes any job more enjoyable.   Due to the wide variety of applications, we get a wide variety of questions. In this spring edition of our blog, we will be focusing on ten of the most common questions we get on our Overland Carts. 

Ten Common Questions 

1.  How long do the batteries last?  

Six to eight hours.  We rate our carts based on real world testing we have done at the factory.  The testing was done on our two wheel drive wheelbarrow and involved traveling on pavement, grass, and inclines.  The weights ranged from zero pounds, to 300 pounds to 600 pounds.  In a survey done with current Overland Cart customers, 89% rated the battery life of their cart as “good” or “excellent”.  As a general note, battery life is variable based on load size, surface type and incline size.   See the below video for more battery testing information.

2.  Can I charge the cart overnight?  

Yes!  Each Overland Cart comes standard with a high end “smart” charger.  This charger not only charges the battery pack quickly, it ensures that the batteries are charged in the healthiest way possible.  Not all battery chargers are made equal and there are quite a few chargers that can damage the batteries by overcharging the battery pack.  The charger we use has been tested to meet multiple international standards and uses a four step charging system.   We recommend charging the battery pack overnight after each extended use (more than an hour of drive time).  The battery pack can charge the batteries from dead to charged in less than 5 hours, but the extra time helps the battery pack to be trickle charged.

3.  How long should I expect the battery pack to last and how much are replacement batteries?

The battery packs are designed to last between 300-500 charging cycles.  The range depends on a number of factors such as depletion rate, charging time, and environment.  A majority of customers have had their carts for multiple years without replacing the batteries.  When it does come time to replace the batteries, we make sure that the process is affordable and simple. 

The quickest route to replacing the batteries is to purchase an additional battery pack from the factory.  The battery pack is $375 with free shipping and comes pre-wired with two batteries installed.  The battery pack can be swapped out in under a minute without any technical knowledge (see the video below).  The most affordable option is to purchase two replacement batteries and install them into your current battery pack.  We recommend purchasing the batteries direct from a local battery supplier or from Amazon. The batteries can be purchased for $50-$70 per battery, including shipping.  Each battery pack uses two batteries, so the total would be right around $100-$140 to replace the batteries on your own.  If replacing the batteries on your own, be sure to consult the owners manual.

4.  How soon till it ships?  

Almost all Overland Carts ship within seven to ten business days of the order being placed.  We manufacture and assemble each carts by hand in Archbold, Ohio.  This reduces lead time and ensures that all the components for the cart are under one roof.  Occasionally heavy demand can extend lead times past the three day window but we work extremely hard to make sure each cart is made to spec and is shipping as soon as possible.   Each cart ships fully assembled.

5.  What’s lift gate service?

Lift gate is a service provided on freight shipments that lowers the freight to the ground.  This option is very popular with residential freight deliveries.  Standard commercial freight ships on large 18 wheel semis.  Commercial freight is generally delivered “dock to dock”.  From the dock at our warehouse to the dock at the commercial location.  Most residential locations do not have the ability to accommodate the size of semi or to offload the freight once the semi arrives.  Lift gate service changes the delivery method to a smaller truck with a lowering gate in the rear.  This allows for easier deliveries to residential areas.  We include free lift gate service for all our carts purchased online. 

Lift gate service can extend the delivery timeline for Overland Carts as it requires the shipping company to transfer the shipment at the terminal.  Occasionally the freight company may transfer the shipment to a third party deliver service.   We do our best to secure delivery by reputable and reliable freight carriers.

6.  Can the carts fit through a 36 inch doorway?

Yes!  We commonly get questions about the width of our carts.  Our latest Overland catalog lists the narrowest doorway each cart can fit through.  Our wheelbarrow style carts are generally limited by the hopper size, not tire width.

10 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow Hopper
The 10 cubic foot hopper is just under 36 inches which allows it to fit through a 36 inch doorway.  The 10 cubic foot hopper is the largest wheelbarrow style hopper we offer.

8 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow Hopper
The 8 cubic foot hopper is just under 34 inches which allows it to fit through a 34 inch doorway.  The 8 cubic foot hopper is the smaller of the two wheelbarrow style hoppers we offer.

9 Cubic Foot Wagon Style Hopper
The 9 cubic foot wagon style hopper is just under 36 inches which allows it to fit through a 36 inch doorway.  

Garden Hopper Carts
Our garden hopper carts offer the smallest overall footprint.  The EC27-7T is just under 24″ in total width.  The EC27-6T is under 26″ in total width.


EC44-6T Garden Wagon Overall Width: 25.5 inches

EC27-7T Garden Cart Overall Width: 23.5″

7.  Are the hoppers going to break?

No.  Our standard wheelbarrow style hoppers are manufactured by Brentwood Industries.  The quality of Brentwood wheelbarrow hoppers are legendary in the concrete industry.  The buckets are made from UV test high-density polyethylene. This polymer is 50% lighter than a comparable steel bucket and with plastic, there is never a fear of rust.  The hoppers can be easily cleaned out with a hose or power washer.  We have never replaced a Brentwood hopper due to a manufacturing defect.

8.  Can the carts go up hills?

Yes!   We have tested the carts on multiple inclines and are confident that in most conditions, the wheelbarrow will perform just fine.  We’ve sold carts to Colorado, Oregon, Washington and other hilly regions.  The carts have performed well in each application.  Each cart has a built in overload fuse.  If the load, terrain and incline ever become too much for the cart, the overload fuse will trigger and the cart will come to a stop.  The overload fuse prevents any transaxle damage and gives the customer freedom to roam without worrying about overworking the cart.  Keep in mind the weight distribution when travelling up or down hills.  Our 4WD (shown below) offers improved incline capabilities when compared to the standard 2WD models.

9.  What happens if the battery dies?

Each Overland Cart comes standard with a manual drive mode.  If the battery dies while the cart is in use, the cart can still be manually pushed.  There is a lever on the front transaxle that engages or disengages the motor.  Simply disengage the lever and push the cart.  Once the battery has been charged, re-engage the transaxle lever and the cart is ready to go!  Another option is to swap in a fully charged battery pack, if an additional pack is available.

10.  How heavy are the carts?

Overland Carts range in weight from 155 pounds on our Garden Cart to 288 pounds on our 4WD Wheelbarrow with Power Dump.  Our most popular cart is the EC27-10A which weighs in at 196 pounds.  We recommend loading the carts into a pick up truck via aluminum ramps.  However, the carts can be loaded by hand with proper care.


And here’s a couple bonus questions…

What is the price range of Overland Carts?

Overland Carts are built from top tier components and constructed by hand to ensure proper fit and finish.  Our entry level residential electric powered garden cart starts at $2,195.00.  The most common line is our commercial series which starts at $2,495 and includes the Brentwood bucket and dual ag wheels.  The Power Dump wheelbarrow features a electric lifter and comes in at  $3,095.00.  Overland also offers a four wheel drive powered wheelbarrow with power dump that is priced at $3,695.

Who is Granite Industries?

Granite is the parent company of Overland and has developed and manufactured the brand since it’s beginning in 2008.  The company itself was founded in 1997 and has built its reputation on heavy duty, USA made products ranging from scaffolding to power carts.  More of the product line can be seen here: www.graniteind.com

Where can I learn more about Overland Carts & can I shop online?

The primary way to learn more about Overland Carts is to visit the website: OverlandCarts.com.   We keep the website updated with the latest news, videos and powered wheelbarrows.  All Overland Carts are also available online at store.graniteind.com.

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