Frequently Asked Questions

Usage & Care

What is the maximum speed?

All Overland Carts operate from 0 to 3 miles per hour in both forward and reverse.

While pushing my cart in manual/freewheel mode, it suddenly decelerates aggressively. What causes this?

There is a safety feature on your Overland Cart that is designed to prevent the cart from running away when the brake is manually disengaged.

How much weight can my cart handle?

750 lb is the maximum load for level ground.

Why does my cart lose traction when one wheel is off the ground?

The drive system is an open differential that allows the machine to efficiently make turns without skidding the tires. The drawback is that if one of the drive tires leaves the ground, it will simply spin until all tires are back on the ground.

Is a balanced load important to the performance?

Yes. Balancing the load so that it is not top-heavy or side-loaded, will allow much safer operation. Furthermore, most of the load should be located over top of the drive wheels for better traction.

How do I clean my Overland Cart?

Simply remove all debris, hose it down with soapy water, and towel dry. We do not recommend using a pressure washer.

Can I use my Overland Cart in cold temperatures?

You certainly can, but we recommend that you charge and store the batteries at room temperature.

What maintenance is required?

Not much, really! Simply remember to always recharge when not in use – it’s okay to leave the cart on the charger. The drive system is sealed for life, thus no lubrication is required. Also, keep the unit dry to enhance its life and appearance.

How should I store my cart?

We recommend keeping your cart indoors, out of the rain and other elements. For long-term, or “off season” storage, give the battery an overnight charge, then disconnect the battery pack from the cart and store it indoors at room temperature. Every 3-4 months, fully charge the battery even though it’s not in use. This helps to prolong the life of the batteries.

Can the carts fit through a doorway?

Yes! Our carts will fit through a doorway, however doorways come in different widths. In general, our carts will go through a 36″ wide opening. Our wheelbarrow style carts are generally limited by the hopper size, not tire width.

10 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow Hopper
The 10 cubic foot hopper is just under 36 inches which allows it to fit through a 36 inch doorway.  The 10 cubic foot hopper is the largest wheelbarrow style hopper we offer.

8 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow Hopper
The 8 cubic foot hopper is just under 34 inches which allows it to fit through a 34 inch doorway.  The 8 cubic foot hopper is the smaller of the two wheelbarrow style hoppers we offer.

9 Cubic Foot Wagon Style Hopper
The 9 cubic foot wagon style hopper is just under 36 inches which allows it to fit through a 36 inch doorway.  

Garden Hopper Carts
Our garden hopper carts offer the smallest overall footprint.  The EC27-7T is just under 24″ in total width.  The EC27-6T is under 26″ in total width.

For specific dimensions on each of our carts, please visit the product pages or request a catalog.

Are the hoppers going to break?

No. Our standard wheelbarrow style hoppers are manufactured by Brentwood Industries. The quality of Brentwood wheelbarrow hoppers are legendary in the concrete industry. The buckets are made from UV test high-density polyethylene. This polymer is 50% lighter than a comparable steel bucket and with plastic, there is never a fear of rust. The hoppers can be easily cleaned out with a hose or power washer. We have never replaced a Brentwood hopper due to a manufacturing defect.

Where is the serial number?

Every Overland Cart comes with its own serial number. This is located on the front side of the upper control box. You will need this number when you fill out your warranty card.


How long do the batteries last on a single charge?

It is completely dependent upon how much weight is being carried, the type of terrain, and the softness or hardness of the surface. We estimate a range of 4-6 hours of “real world” use. PLEASE NOTE: Most use is not as intense as our “real world” estimates, so actual use time is typically much longer. Visit to view videos of our product testing.

When and how long should I charge my cart?

Charge your cart immediately after using. If, during operation, the battery indicator light goes to red, it is time to recharge. It is recommended to leave the cart on the charger overnight to extend the life of the batteries.

Can I charge the cart overnight?

Yes! Each Overland Cart comes standard with a high end “smart” charger. This charger not only charges the battery pack quickly, it ensures that the batteries are charged in the healthiest way possible. Not all battery chargers are made equal and there are quite a few chargers that can damage the batteries by overcharging the battery pack. The charger we use has been tested to meet multiple international standards and uses a four step charging system. We recommend charging the battery pack overnight after each extended use (more than an hour of drive time). The battery pack can charge the batteries from dead to charged in less than 5 hours, but the extra time helps the battery pack to be trickle charged.

How long will the batteries last before needing to be replaced?

The batteries are designed to last for 300-500 charge/discharge cycles, which translate into approximately 1-2 years. The batteries are common, and can be purchased from Granite, your local battery supplier, or on Amazon.

What happens if the battery dies while I'm using it?

Each Overland Cart comes standard with a manual drive mode.  If the battery dies while the cart is in use, the cart can still be manually pushed.  There is a lever on the front transaxle that engages or disengages the motor.  Simply disengage the lever and push the cart.  Once the battery has been charged, re-engage the transaxle lever and the cart is ready to go!  Another option is to swap in a fully charged battery pack, if an additional pack is available.

Safety Features

What is smooth start?

The smooth start feature prevents the cart from jumping away from you as you begin to move it. Upon acceleration, power is applied to the drive tires in a controlled manner ensuring a smooth start each time.

Can the cart be used safely on an incline?

Absolutely! HillSense allows the cart to be safely used on inclines and declines.  The cart will travel at the speed set by the user, not by the incline or decline.

Will my cart roll away from me?

AutoLock, an automatic parking brake, locks the wheels when the throttle is not being applied.  This feature prevents the cart from rolling away from the user and also provides easy loading and unloading on inclines and declines.

Is there an emergency stop?

Yes there is and emergency stop. The red E-Stop button allows the user to immediately stop the progress of the cart.

Are your carts tippy?

We have incorporated a four wheel design into all of our carts. Having four wheels on the ground provides maximum stability.

What happens if I overload the cart?

There is a built in overload fuse that measures the inputs of the drive system in real time.  If the incline, load, or terrain begins to overwork the motor, a fuse will stop the cart and prevent any damage to the transaxle.

Where are the brakes?

Overland carts use throttle controlled braking, simply let up on the throttle and the cart will slow down to the desired speed.  The brake is automatically applied.

What if my hand slips off the throttle?

If the throttle is released for any reason, the throttle will automatically return to the zero MPH position and the cart will safely coast to a stop.  AutoLock will then engage and the cart will be secure.

Can anything get caught in the belt or gears?

With all Overland Carts, there are no open gears, belts, or hot components – The design of the cart keeps hands safe and prevents possible burns caused by hot engine components.

How long have Overland Carts been around?

Overland Cart has been developing and building carts for 10 years.  We know our carts and have developed them to be as safe as possible.


What is Freight Shipping?

Freight shipping, LTL or Common Carrier Shipping is generally reserved for large (pallet sized) and heavy (over 100 pounds) shipments. Overland Carts are shipped in a custom crate. The company that handles the freight shipment is referred to as a Common Carrier. Popular common carriers are: YRC, Dayton, UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, Con-Way, and Ryder.

How do freight shipments work at Granite Industries?

Granite handles all freight shipments in house. We load the item onto the pallet and secure it with appropriate straps and plastic wrapping. We coordinate all the shipping arrangements and oversee the pick up by common carrier. Once the PRO number (tracking number) is provided we get that information to our customer.

Do I need to inspect my delivery?

Upon receiving the shipment it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the shipment BEFORE signing the release of liability. Once the release is signed, Granite cannot be held liable for any shipping damages or missing items.

Residential or Commercial?

Freight companies provide a discount if the order is shipping to a commercial address. Residential rates are higher. A home doesn’t necessarily qualify as commercial even if your business is located there. It must be zoned commercial. Unfortunately, we do not control the zoning program that the shipping company uses. Granite does not discriminate on “free shipping” orders. If the order qualifies for free shipping, there will not be an upcharge or discount for residential or commercial delivery.

What is Lift Gate Service?

Lift gate service is required for freight orders where the drop off location does not have a loading dock or the ability to move the shipment directly off the truck. This service is also required for shipments deemed too heavy or large to unload safely by hand. Lift gate service will lower the shipment to the ground so it can be moved. Most lift gate deliveries are delivered by a semi-truck with a 53 foot trailer. The semi-trucks will not back into a residential driveway and will deliver on the street if necessary.

If an address is inaccessible for a semi-truck we recommend shipping the cart to a nearby commercial address. The fee for this lift gate service is normally $80.00 but that fee is waived on Overland Carts.

NOTE: Lift gate service can add additional time to the delivery date. Most freight carriers will transfer the shipment to a third party that is headquartered regionally. The third party freight company will actually be the one who delivers the shipment. The freight company will normally call to setup a delivery time via phone. If more information is needed on your delivery, please contact us at 877-447-2648 or email

Is my location considered Limited Access?

If the drop off location has limited access to a full size semi (53 feet), there may be an additional fee added to the order. That amount ranges from $100-$200. This is strictly what the freight company charges Granite and the customer will be billed for the amount. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Granite before the order ships if their location is limited access. This fee is often negated by the lift gate service.

What if I miss my delivery appointment??

If the common carrier sets up a shipping time frame with the customer and the customer is not available, there is a redelivery fee added to the order. This fee can range from $85-$150. This is strictly what the freight company charges us and the customer will be billed for the amount.

What if I need to change my address after the order shipping?

Any changes to the bill of lading removes Granite from any liability. The additional charge for the change will be billed to the customer.

What happens if I don't provide correct contact information?

Freight companies need to have correct contact information to setup a delivery. The phone number provided should be one that is monitored continually during a typical business day. It should also go direct to the person in charge of receiving the delivery.

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