Overland Carts is a brand known for forging new and exciting paths in the world of material handling.  The first all electric cart was a wheelbarrow that had a 10 cubic foot hopper.  The wheelbarrow design was an instant hit with our customers but there was soon a demand for a wagon style cart.  This led to the creation of the Overland Power Wagon. The power wagon features a massive nine cubic foot hopper that is only 28 inches off the ground.  Customers love this design because it makes the cart easier to load and unload.  In 2019 we released a version with our popular power dump feature.  It was an instant success and has become one of our best selling wagons.  The continual growth of our Power Wagon line has fueled the new designs that are being released today!  We are proud to announce a new line of 4WD Power Wagons!  Read on for an in depth look at our latest line of carts…  Or skip the reading and SHOP ONLINE!

Our family of power wagons. The new 4WD power dump wagon is on the left, our 2WD power dump wagon is in the middle and the 2WD manual dump wagon is on the right.

1.  Overland 4WD Power Wagon – The Electric Drivetrain

ALL ELECTRIC POWER.  That has been the trademark of every Overland Power Cart since day one.  The basic vision of Overland is to create high quality all electric powered carts that are emission free, fume free, and maintenance free.  We exclusively use high quality components on every part of our electric drive system.  The US sourced all-in-one transaxle features both the electric motor and differential.  Each transaxle is then sealed from the factory which keeps it maintenance free and also protects the unit from any dirt or water.

There are two transaxles on our 4WD power wagons, one in the front of the cart and one in the rear of the cart.  The transaxles have an open differential design which allows for improved performance and turning on flat surfaces.  Powerful, smooth, and quiet, our transaxles represent the best of the best in the world of electric power.  The transaxles are powered by a robust and rechargeable battery pack.

2.  Overland 4WD Power Wagon – The Battery Pack

New for 2020 is the introduction of our 35 Amp-Hr Battery Pack on our 4WD wheelbarrows and wagons.  The new battery pack has a 70% larger capacity than our previous 21 Amp-Hr battery pack.  We also improved the location of the battery pack on the 4WD models by mounting the battery pack off the handles.  This allows for better weight distribution for the 4WD carts and works as a ballast to help keep the cart even more stable when hauling heavy loads.  

The battery pack is removable via the quick release system.  Simply remove the cotter pin and the rolled pin from the top of the battery pack and lift the battery pack up and out.  No tools are required but be aware, it is a bit of a brute at 68 pounds.   The battery pack is made up of two high quality 12V 35  Amp-Hr AGM Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries.  AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery construction is the latest and best battery construction for SLA batteries.  The batteries feature exceptional performance and longevity.  Overall the batteries are expected to last between 300-500 cycles and in our experience, some last many more cycles than that.  Replacement batteries can be purchased direct from us, from Amazon, or from almost any battery supply store.  The batteries can be installed rather easily by following the steps laid out in our Overland Cart 4WD Operator’s Manual.  As an added bonus to the AGM construction, there is no need to add acid at any point as each battery is sealed and is maintenance free.   We expect our battery pack to last 4-8 hours depending on the application and the terrain. 

3.  Overland 4WD Power Wagon – The SMART Charger

One of the most underappreciated parts of any electric cart or vehicle is the charging system.  Yet it is one of the most important and frequently used parts of our carts.  As with all parts on our Overland Power Carts, the charger is absolutely top of the line.  We use a three stage smart charger that is certified by UL, TUV and CE safety organizations.  The charger is built into the cart and be easily plugged into any 110V outlet with an extension cord.

The charger’s built in battery management system analyzes the condition and charge state of the battery pack and then charges it in a way that optimizes charge time and also battery life.  The result is a battery pack that charges quickly while ensuring that the battery pack lasts for a long time.  We use a 5 Amp-Hr charger on the 4WD Power Wagons.  This charger is able to take the battery pack from dead to fully charged in about 8 hours.  We recommend charging the cart overnight after each extended use.  The trickle charge feature on our charger allows the battery pack to be continually plugged in without negatively affecting the life or performance of the batteries.  

4.  Overland 4WD Power Wagon – The Tires

All 4WD Wagons feature flat free dual tires on all four corners for a total of 8 all terrain tires.  Each tire features a semi-pneumatic design that will never require pumping up with air.  Semi-pneumatic tires are heavy duty in their construction and consist of a very thick layer of rubber and a hollowed out inside.  The result is a tough and durable tire that will last through even the most rigorous applications. 

semi pneumatic tire

Photo Credit: https://airless-tires.typepad.com/

Each individual tire measures 13 inches in diameter and has a width of 4 inches.  A complete dual ag tire assembly has a diameter of 13 inches and a width of 8 inches.  The width of the tires measure 33″ from tire edge to tire edge when they are mounted on the cart.  Perfect for all around use, the dual ag design has been our most popular tire since our Overland Cart line was introduced in 2008.  The design allows for traction on the most challenging surfaces while still providing excellent performance on smooth surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.  

5.  Overland 4WD Power Wagon – The Flatbed or Hopper

The 4WD Power Wagon comes with two heavy duty attachments; the steel flatbed or the 9 cubic foot hopper.  Both attachments provide unique benefits.  The steel flatbed is built from a heavier gauge steel and features e-ratchet strap pockets on all sides.

These e-ratchet strap pockets allow almost any load to be safely secured to the cart.  The platform measures 29″W x 51″L and is 22″ from the ground.  Position the flatbed with the lip up or lip down depending on the intended use.  The most common use for the flatbed is commercial settings where the flatbed is then customized for specialized applications.  See the below photo as an example.  Other applications would include warehouses or general material handling.  It is possible to purchase the 4WD flatbed version with power dump or without power dump.  The flatbed can be swapped with the 9 cubic foot hopper without tools and in under a minute using the same type of quick release system found on the battery box.

The 4WD Power Wagon with the 9 cubic foot hopper is a phenomenal all around wagon  It features a heavy gauge HDPE Brentwood hopper that is lightweight and also completely free from the possibility of rusting.  We have never replaced a Brentwood hopper under warranty during our 10+ years of selling carts.  They are the highest quality hoppers on the market.  The 9 cubic foot hopper measures 36″W x 62″L x 12″H.  It features the ability to swap a hopper for a flatbed if needed.  As with the flatbed, the cart comes with power dump or without power dump depending on your preference.  The power dump option features an all electric lifter that assists the dumping of the Overland Cart.  There is a quick release on the back in case the hopper needs to be dumped in a hurry.

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Overland Power Wagon: Standard (Part Number: 70202)
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Overland Power Wagon: 4WD with Flatbed (Part Number: 70311)
Overland Power Wagon: 4WD with 9 Cu. Ft. Hopper (Part Number: 70310)
Overland Power Wagon: 4WD and Power Dump with Flatbed (Part Number: 70305)
Overland Power Wagon: 4WD and Power Dump 9 Cu Ft. Hopper (Part Number: 70303)

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Granite is the parent company of Overland and has developed and manufactured the brand since it’s beginning in 2008.  The company itself was founded in 1997 and has built its reputation on heavy duty, USA made products ranging from scaffolding to power carts.  More of the product line can be seen here: www.graniteind.com

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