About Us

Overland Carts was established in 2008 by Granite Industries out of a demand for products that could handle more material with less effort. This was especially true for the wheelbarrow. The design hasn’t really changed in the last thousand years, yet power technology has gone from horse and buggy to all electric cars. We saw a market for a wheelbarrow that could do more, with less muscle strain. Thus Overland Electric Carts was born. Fusing the functionality of a wheelbarrow with the power of an electric drive system.

The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. This system has been refined over the years to allow for simple yet precise control of the cart. Technologies like SmoothStart, AutoLock, and HillSense have been developed to provide a safer cart. Overland Carts have grown from a single to cart to now representing the largest and most diverse line of power carts in the world. We hope that you enjoy the cart as much as we enjoy making them!

For more information on what makes an Overland Cart so unique, check out our blog.