We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!  Since 2008, Overland Carts have lead the way in developing and improving the powered wheelbarrow design.  In ten years we’ve improved safety features, durability and performance.  We have also extended the line of carts.  Overland Carts now range from the standard Garden Cart to our fully loaded 4WD Cart with Power Dump.   It has been a pleasure delivering the carts to customers who love using them.  To help celebrate our ten year anniversary we are GIVING AWAY a cart with our friends at Gardening Know How.  Read on for more information.. 

1.  How does the Giveaway work?

The exact details are provided on the Gardening Know How Website.  It is free to enter the promotion and you will have a chance to win a Overland Cart valued at $1,995.00

The summary of the promotion is as follows..

  • Learn about what makes our Overland Carts so unique by checking out the Granite Industries Online Web Store.
  • Go to the Gardening Know How Facebook Page
  • Find the Overland Cart Giveaway Post pinned to the top of the page and comment underneath it, answering the question: “Why do you want to win an Overland Cart?”
  • Share the Overland Cart Giveaway Post on your Facebook timeline.
  • Promotion Ends: Today, May 31st at midnight.  So hurry up and enter!

2.  Which Overland Cart will I Win?

The cart that is featured in the giveaway is our popular Powered Garden Cart with 7 Cu. Ft. Hopper. 

The 7 cubic foot hopper dumps via a spring loaded g-pin on the side of the unit.  Simply pull out the g-pin and lift the bucket forward.  The Garden Cart may look on the small side, but it packs a punch.  The all electric drive system is robust and supplies ample power for daily tasks.  As with all Overland Carts, the Garden Cart can haul up to 750 pounds, over three times a standard wheelbarrow, plus the operator doesn’t have to lift it!  The Garden Cart also features 13″ Turf Tires, perfect for operating on grass and residential surfaces.  Each chassis is welded and powder coated at our manufacturing plant in Archbold, Ohio.  This process ensures that the chassis is both strong and durable.  Our Garden Cart packs all the best features of our Overland Cart line, but in a tightly packed unit.  The width of the cart is only 24 inches and it weighs 155 pounds.

3.  Is the Battery Pack Rechargeable?

Yes!  Every Overland battery pack is rechargeable.  Plus the Garden Cart has a built in charger which ensures that you never need to keep track of a charger, just the cart!  Once you are done for the day, simply plug the cart into a standard 110V outlet and the cart will charge itself.   We have tested the carts and have found that the carts have about a 6-8 hour “real-world” battery life.  The battery packs are removable and replaceable.

4.  I Have More Questions!

If you have any questions about the giveaway or our carts, please let us know!  We have a live chat at the bottom of the screen, our phone number is: 877-447-2648, our email is: support@graniteind.com, or you fill our our contact us form.  We would love to hear from you!

Here’s a couple more tidbits…

The price range of Overland Carts

Overland Carts are built from top tier components and constructed by hand to ensure proper fit and finish.  Our entry level residential electric powered garden cart starts at $1,995.00.  The most common line is our commercial series which starts at $2,395 and includes the Brentwood bucket and dual ag wheels.  The Power Dump wheelbarrow features a electric lifter and comes in at  $2,995.00.  Overland also offers a four wheel drive powered wheelbarrow with power dump that is priced at $3,595.

Granite Industries

Granite is the parent company of Overland and has developed and manufactured the brand since it’s beginning in 2008.  The company itself was founded in 1997 and has built its reputation on heavy duty, USA made products ranging from scaffolding to power carts.  More of the product line can be seen here: www.graniteind.com

Learn more about Overland Carts & Shopping Online

The primary way to learn more about Overland Carts is to visit the website: OverlandCarts.com.   We keep the website updated with the latest news, videos and powered wheelbarrows.  All Overland Carts are also available online at store.graniteind.com.

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Established in 2008, Overland Power Carts has grown from a single cart to a wide variety of carts.  The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. Zero emissions.  Zero maintenance. Zero noise.


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