Overland Carts has been off to a record start in 2017.   The electric powered drivetrain combined with simple to use controls has been a hit with customers.  As the summer begins we want to keep the momentum going. Here are some of the latest developments and promotions from Overland!

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New Overland Cart Catalog

The latest Overland Cart Catalog has only minor changes when compared to the January edition.  The 7 cubic foot hopper has been discontinued as an option on the powered wheelbarrow models.  We recommend switching to the 8 cubic foot model.  The 7 cubic foot garden cart remains.

Overland Catalog Highlights

  • Updated Photos and Content –  More angles and improved content
  • Revised intro pages –  Provide ample information on top features
  • Revised Battery Pack Photos – View both sides of the battery pack
  • Revised listings – 7 cu. ft. models removed

Download: Overland Catalog

And don’t forget to check out our latest mini documentary!

Overland Powered Easy Wagon

New for 2017!  The Overland Powered Easy Wagons feature an extended length grip and larger 15″ diameter flotation tires. Easy Wagons are the perfect option for transporting oversize items across rougher terrain.   Simple to use, the cart can be pushed or pulled based on desired operation.  The front wheels pivot based on handle direction.  The rear wheels propel the cart.  This combination of front wheel steering with rear wheel drive makes the steering light and easy for anyone to handle.  The standard Easy Wagon has removable sides for easy loading, unloading and transport.  The built in E-straps allow for additional load security and increase the versatility of the cart.

As with all Overland Carts, the drivetrain is completely electric.  A rechargeable battery pack powers the electric motor.  The battery pack will last a full day (6-8 hours) between charges.  The capacity of 750 lbs ensures the wagon can handle any job.

There are currently two sizes, the standard (70716, above) and the XT (70177, below). The standard wagon features removable sizes while the XT features a large flat bed with built in e-straps.

Visit online: Overland Powered Easy Wagon
Download: Overland Powered Easy Wagon PDF

Overland Powered Easy Wagon XT

The XT is very similar in layout to the standard easy wagon.  The biggest difference is the extended flatbed.  The XT is designed as a utility wagon.  Easily load up oversize items and secure them with the built-in E-strap mounts.  The XT flatbed has the following dimensions: 28”W x  74” L x 1″ H.
Visit online: Overland Powered Easy Wagon XT
Download: Overland Powered Easy Wagon PDF

Overland Powered Multi Mover XT

The Overland Powered Multi Mover XT Hand Truck is perfect for moving inflatables, bulky items, roofing materials or anything else weighing up to 750 lbs. The Powered Multi Mover XT is built on our legendary Multi Mover XT frame. The battery powered Multi Mover will change the way you operate on a daily basis. Hand constructed from top grade steel, this cart is ready for whatever is thrown its way.  Turf Tires come standard.

Visit online: Overland Powered Multi Mover XT Hand Truck
Download: Overland Powered Multi Mover XT PDF

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