All Overland Carts Are Shipping With Extended Range Battery Packs!

Overland Carts have been a hit this summer! Sales continue to increase as customers see the benefits of hauling up to 750 pounds without the physical strain of a normal wheelbarrow.  To help further boost productivity, Overland is releasing their August promotion.  A free battery upgrade kit on the R27, C27, R44 and C44 models.  Almost doubling the battery life (12 Amp to 22 Amp)!  Order online to get a free battery pack upgrade: SHOP ONLINE


Three Answers to Common Questions

1. What is an Overland Cart?

An Overland Cart is an electric powered utility cart that utilizes a rechargeable battery pack to drive an electric motor.  Overland Carts were established in 2008 with a focus on electric power.  An Overland Cart starts with a basic powder coated chassis manufactured at Granite Industries in Archbold, OH.  The chassis is formed, cut , welded and powder coated all under one roof for maximum quality control and faster production.   The all electric powertrain is then added to each chassis. C27-chassis-800The powertrain consists of a battery pack and transaxle.  The rechargeable battery pack powers the transaxle.  Each sealed transaxle includes a differential and motor.  The construction of the transaxle ensures that there are no exposed gears, chains or belts.  The transaxle then drives the wheels.  The power is all controlled by the customer via a throttle on the handlebars.  There is an e-stop for emergency stops or to simply cut the power to the unit at the end of a day.


What’s the advantage of an electric drivetrain?
The electric motor and differential are combined together in one transaxle to help keep things simple.  The unit is sealed from the factory and is maintenance free.  Gas powered motors require continual maintenance.  The oil must be changed, air filters need to be swapped, gas filters get clogged, the list goes on and on.  Electric power is simple, clean and effective.  There isn’t a pull start or a choke to engage, simply pull out the e-stop, select your direction, and twist the throttle.  Electric power provides ample power across the entire powerband and ensures the cart is able to handle loads up to 750 pounds.

What about the buckets?
Overland has had a long standing relationship with Brentwood Industries.  They are industry leaders in wheelbarrow buckets.  Using an extremely tough UV test high-density polyethylene material the buckets have stood the test of time.  Brentwood buckets weigh half as much as steel but yet are just as strong and hold up better to the elements.  Clean up on an Brentwood is a snap and takes about 30 seconds with a hose.  The Brentwood buckets come standard on our C or Commercial series line of carts.


The R series or Residential series have a lighter weight plastic hopper.  The hoppers are not as rugged but still provide ample strength and performance.

70040 (4)

2.  What Overland Carts Get the Free Battery Upgrade?

The 12 amp battery back is standard equipment on the following Overland Cart chassis’s: C27, C44, R27, and R44.  All of these carts will be shipping with upgraded battery packs for the month of August.  The Power Dump and 4WD models already have the extended range battery packs as standard equipment.  The C27, C44, R27, and R44 series carts are some of the best selling carts Overland offers.
Check them out online:
R27 electric garden cart
R44 electric garden wagon
C27 electric powered wheelbarrow
C44 electric powered wagon


For the month of August Overland will be upgrading the carts to the 24V, 22A battery pack for FREE!


This is a $100 upgrade free of charge!  The 22 Amp battery provides longer run times and less frequent charging.   The extended range battery pack will easily last the entire day in most applications (8-11 hours).  There are two 12 volt, 22 amp batteries in series that create the power to propel the cart.  The steel battery boxes are made in house at Archbold, Ohio and are prewired to ensure the batteries stay connected and protected.

3.  What are the different models?

Overland offers a wide variety of models to ensure each customer gets a cart that will best meet their needs.

The R-Series Garden Carts is our base line of carts.  They offer all the safety features found on the higher end carts but are more economical and simpler to use.  The white hoppers are rugged and built well but are not quite as industrial as the Brentwood hoppers.  The carts come with light duty turf tires that keep the width at 24 inches for optimal maneuverability.  Dual Ag tires are available for maximum traction applications.  The extended range battery pack extends the battery life from 6-8 hours to 9-11 hours depending on usage.

70040 Crop

R-Series Electric Cart with 7 cubic foot hopper

R44-6T (70041)

R-Series Electric Cart with 6 cubic foot hopper







The C-Series Wheelbarrows are our most popular line of carts.  The angled steel platform, Brentwood hopper, and dual ag tires are customer favorites and work together to create a dynamic cart.  The dual ag tires are standard for maximum traction applications and the best all around performance..  The extended range battery pack extends the battery life from 6-8 hours to 9-11 hours depending on usage.

70022 - 70054 - 70057 - Angled (1)

From left to right (C27 Chassis, C32 with power dump, C34 4-wheel drive)

The C32 Power Dump Electric Cart features a electric lifter that dumps the bucket.  Simply press the button on the handle and the cart dumps the load.  The cart comes standard with an extended range battery pack, dual ag tires and 32 inch chassis.


Power Dump Cart with 10 cubic foot Brentwood hopper

Bonus Questions

What is the price range of Overland Carts?

Overland Carts are made extremely well and quality is built into every component. The R-Series residential electric powered garden cart starts at $1,895.00.  The C-Series or commercial carts start at $2,295 and comes standard with the Brentwood bucket and dual ag wheels.  The next model up features the Overland Power Dump, an electric lifter that dumps the bucket and also includes an extended range battery for $2,895.00  There is also a four wheel drive model that features two drive axles, along with dual ag wheels in the front and back.  The price for that powered wheelbarrow with power dump that is priced at $3,595.


How is my Overland Cart delivered?

Overland Carts are delivered via freight carrier.  All Overland Carts ship free when purchased from our company website:  They are individually crated, banded and covered in stretch film wrap.  This all done to ensure proper delivery to the customer’s door.  Free lift gate is included with all Overland Cart purchases, this added option puts the cart on a smaller truck that is able to drop the cart to the ground.


Who is Granite Industries?

Granite is the parent company of Overland.  Granite Industries has developed and manufactured the brand since it’s beginning in 2008.  The company itself was founded in 1997 and has built its reputation on heavy duty, USA made products ranging from scaffolding to power carts.  More of the product line can be seen here:

Where can I learn more about Overland Carts & can I shop online?

The primary way to learn more about Overland Carts is to visit the website:   We keep the website updated with the latest news, videos and powered wheelbarrows.  All Overland Carts are also available online at

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