Overland Carts are simple to use and boost productivity!

Summer projects are often a combination of fun and hard work.  Refreshing landscaping and yards brings instant reward in appearance, but summer temperatures can often lead to excessive fatigue.  Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are increasing in frequency, a good reminder that it’s always good to find ways to avoid overworking.  Overland Carts & Wheelbarrows have been developed over the last 8 years to get more work done, with less fatigue.  Customers have continually been able to rejuvenate outdoor projects with Overland Carts!  Save $100 with promo code: summertime – SHOP ONLINE

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Here are 3 reasons to grab an Overland Wheelbarrow for summer!

1.  Overland Electric Carts Triple Productivity With Less Sweat!

Overland Carts are built on an incredibly powerful all-electric drivetrain.  Electric power is one of the most efficient forms of power and allows the Overland Cart to haul up to 750 pounds!  Most manual wheelbarrows have a capacity of 250 pounds or less.  Of course that doesn’t factor in the capacity of the person pushing the wheelbarrow.   The Overland Cart moves 3 times more with almost zero fatigue passed on to user.  Long distances fade away quickly as the Overland Cart moves swiftly across multiple surfaces and landscapes.  All day projects are cut into hour projects.  Not only are Overland Wheelbarrows capable of moving more weight, the massive hoppers are capable of hauling 2-3 times more volume per load!  The standard C27 wheelbarrows come with Brentwood buckets in three different sizes, 7, 8 and 10 cubic feet.  These buckets provide ample room to haul oversize loads and maximize productivity.z

How does the electric drivetrain work?
The electric motor and transaxle are combined together to help keep things simple.  The unit is sealed from the factory and is maintenance free.  The motor/transaxle does not have any open gears, belts or excessive heat.  The electric motor is powered by a 24V, 12A rechargeable battery pack.  Inside the battery pack is two 12V, 12A batteries in series. The batteries have been sourced from the best available manufacturer for performance and reliability.  The standard 12A battery pack is capable of providing 6-8 hours of use for most applications.  There is an optional 22A battery pack that provides 9-13 hours of use for maximum battery life.  It’s recommended that the battery pack be charged overnight for 8 hours.  The charger works on a standard 110V outlet.  There is a built in battery management system that will ensure the batteries are not overcharged.

2.  Overland Carts are much safer than traditional wheelbarrows

Hauling any amount of weight in a wheelbarrow can be a challenge.  Uneven terrain, user fatigue, and unbalanced loads can all lead to the wheelbarrow tipping.  A wheelbarrow full of top soil or mulch that’s spilled on the ground easily leads to frustration and increased work for the user.  Overland has worked hard to prevent tipping with it’s design.  On a wheelbarrow purchased with dual ag tires there are SIX tires to provide stability.   This leads to much better load distribution and decreases the dependence on the user to provide all the load balancing.  The four dual ag tires in the front provide maximum traction for inclines while still performing well on flat surfaces.  The two rear swivel wheels allow for easily handling whether in forward, reverse or standing.  The chassis has been weighted in the right spots to provide easy dumping and improved handling.  The weight is centered right above the front drive axle which is the optimal spot for wheelbarrows.


Power Dump Cart with 10 cubic foot Brentwood hopper

Safety Technology in all Overland Carts
Overland didn’t just stop with a good mechanical design, the operating software and controller has been developed for increased safety and usability.  There are three primary features designed to keep users safe and the loads upright; SmoothStart, HillSense, and AutoStop.   SmoothStart is a throttle control that keeps the cart under control during starts.  Electric motors have so much power instantly available that Overland had to dial it back to keep the cart from jumping out of users hands.  With SmoothStart, the cart seamlessly ramps up power, keep the the user in control and the cart moving steadily forward.  HillSense control addresses the common problem of wheelbarrows on inclines.  The variable throttle control allows the user of the wheelbarrow to set the exact speed for an incline or decline and keep the throttle there.  This technology prevents the cart from running away on an incline, especially under heavy loads.

AutoStop is perhaps the most helpful safety feature.  It stops the cart whenever the throttle is no longer being applied.  The wheels auto lock in place, even on an incline or decline.  This allows for easy loading, or unloading of the wheelbarrow.  It also provides peace of mind if the throttle slips out of a users hand.  The cart will automatically come to a stop.  Overland has also included a red emergency stop switch on all carts.  This immediately cuts power to the cart.

3.  Overland Carts are Heavy Duty

Overland Electric Powered Wheelbarrows are all hand assembled in Archbold, Ohio by an Overland Cart professional.  The carts are engineered and developed in house with careful attention to detail.  All the metal working for the chassis is done by hand.  Each chassis is formed, welded and powder coated using the best equipment in the industry.  The Brentwood bucket and electric motor/transaxle are both constructed in Pennsylvania.  Brentwood buckets are featured on our commercial line of wheelbarrows and are considered the best in the industry by landscape and concrete professionals.  Crafted from high density polyethylene, the buckets are half the weight of steel but just as strong.  The buckets clean up quickly with a hose or power washer.  The dual ag tires and steel hub wheels provide traction in most environments.  Each component on the cart has been carefully considered and sourced for the best durability and performance.  The cart comes with a comprehensive 1 year warranty and a 3 year warranty on the metal chassis.  All service and support for Overland Carts is based out of Archbold, Ohio.  Overland is able to supply quick replacement parts because everything is stocked at one location.   If there ever is an issue or question, we are able to troubleshoot over the phone and send out the part in short order.


Powder Coating

Products coming off our powder coating line

Common Questions

What is the price range of Overland Carts?

Overland Carts are made extremely well and quality is built into every component. The R-Series residential electric powered garden cart starts at $2,195.00.  The C-Series or commercial carts start at $2,495 and comes standard with the Brentwood bucket and dual ag wheels.  The next model up features the Overland Power Dump, an electric lifter that dumps the bucket and also includes an extended range battery for $3,095.00  There is also a four wheel drive model that features two drive axles, along with dual ag wheels in the front and back.  The price for that powered wheelbarrow with power dump that is priced at $3,595.

How is my Overland Cart delivered?

Overland Carts are delivered via freight carrier.  All Overland Carts ship free when purchased from our company website: store.graniteind.com.  They are individually crated, banded and covered in stretch film wrap.  This all done to ensure proper delivery to the customer’s door.  Free lift gate is included with all Overland Cart purchases, this added option puts the cart on a smaller truck that is able to drop the cart to the ground.


Who is Granite Industries?

Granite is the parent company of Overland.  Granite Industries has developed and manufactured the brand since it’s beginning in 2008.  The company itself was founded in 1997 and has built its reputation on heavy duty, USA made products ranging from scaffolding to power carts.  More of the product line can be seen here: www.graniteind.com

Where can I learn more about Overland Carts & can I shop online?

The primary way to learn more about Overland Carts is to visit the website: OverlandCarts.com.   We keep the website updated with the latest news, videos and powered wheelbarrows.  All Overland Carts are also available online at store.graniteind.com.

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Established in 2008, Overland Power Carts has grown from a single cart to a wide variety of carts.  The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. Zero emissions.  Zero maintenance. Zero noise.


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