Overland Carts are increasingly a hot topic in the gardening and landscaping world.  The entire concept of an electric powered wheelbarrow is enough to knock most people off their stools.  For the last 1,000 years there has been only minor changes to the wheelbarrow.  Overland electric wheelbarrows have completely changed that, developing a better wheelbarrow from the ground up.  Garden Know How recently featured an article on the benefits of this new electric wheelbarrow concept.
Article: How An Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Is Better Than A Regular One


Who is Gardening Know How?

Gardening Know How started as a small blog written by Heather Rhoades.  It quickly turned into a platform for answering basic gardening questions and providing unique insights.  The website, gardeningknowhow.com, is now one of the premier gardening websites on the internet.  It is full of helpful gardening tips, plant information, the latest techniques and innovative products.  Their facebook page is one of the most active pages on social media.

What’s the Connection to Garden Know How?

Gardening Know How regularly features articles on the latest garden trends.  These trends range from the latest garden tools to the hottest flower of the season.  The goal is to keep the audience informed on the absolute cutting edge of landscape and gardening news.  The Overland Cart was a logical fit for this section.  It is new, innovative and extremely helpful in improving productivity and safety.

What’s the Article About?

The author of the article, Nikki Phipps, focuses on the benefits of an electric wheelbarrow over a traditional wheelbarrow.  She discusses how over time bodies change to the point that traditional wheelbarrows no longer offer the benefits that they used to.  The labor required to pick up and move the wheelbarrow can cause too much strain.  An electric wheelbarrow solves that problem by doing all the moving for you.  The rechargeable electric drive system works well on a variety of surfaces and is easy to use.

The full article can be found here: Benefits of Electric Powered Wheelbarrows

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