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Overland is combining its Fall Sale, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday into one fabulous savings event!  Starting now and running for three weeks, the sale will feature all of our best selling powered carts.  We rarely run promotions, but when we do, we make them count.  Now is the time to snag an Overland Cart.  The sale ends November 30th.  If there is an item not included in the promotion, please CONTACT US.  We would love to help you lock in these exclusive savings.

Overland Deals

Overland had a record setting year of sales. The combination of build quality and ease of use has propelled Overland forward.  Each cart is still made in Archbold, OH with care and precision. Overland has developed it’s powered carts over the years to fit customer requests.  Almost every feature on the Overland line has come from customer input.  We trust and value our customers input and do everything possible to keep improving.

Top Selling Overland Carts

Garden Powered Carts

R27-7T (70040)Overland offers a wide range of electric powered carts.  The simplest model is the garden cart.  It has the smallest footprint of any Overland Cart.  A mere 24″ wide and 56″ long, this cart doesn’t take up much space but still has plenty of hauling capacity.  The standard hopper is 7 cubic feet and capable of holding 750 pounds.  It still has plenty of power as it features the same all electric drive train as it’s bigger brother.  Ready to go out of the crate, this cart is very popular with homeowners and landscapers.

Standard Powered Wheelbarrow

8 Cubic Ft Hopper

8 Cubic Ft Hopper

The Overland C27 is the most popular cart from Overland.  It is our commercial series, featuring a heavy duty Brentwood bucket and steel dumping adapter.  This allows for the wheelbarrow to be dumped easier.  The Brentwood hopper is the best available wheelbarrow hopper.  Constructed from a very tough HDPE polymer, it can withstand constant use and still maintain it’s structural integrity.  There are three different hopper sizes: 7 cubic feet, 8 cubic feet, and 10 cubic feet.  They are all rated at a capacity of 750 pounds.  Dual ag tires come standard and provide maximum traction and stability.

Power Dump Powered Wheelbarrow

Power Dump

Power Dump

The power dump Overland cart has all the same features as the standard Overland wheelbarrow plus a couple more.  The most significant addition is the power dump feature.  This feature incorporates an electric powered lifter that allows the load to be dumped at a variable speed.  There is a button on the handles that allows for precise control.  The hopper can still be dumped manually via the quick release G-pin.  Another extra feature is the extended range battery.  This battery is nearly twice the capacity of the standard battery and allows for longer run times (8-11 hours of continuous use).  This cart is commonly used in the concrete industry and landscape industries.

Four Wheel Drive Powered Wheelbarrow

Overland Electric Powered Cart - 4wd

10 Cubic Ft with 4 wheel drive

The four wheel drive wheelbarrow from Overland offers maximum traction and maximum stability.  This heavy duty wheelbarrow features TWO drive axles and TWO sets of dual ag tires.  This provides ample grip when going up inclines and traveling off pavement.  The cart is also more stable as it has better weight distribution and the rear dual ag tires provide additional traction.  This cart also features the extended range battery allowing for longer run times.  The chassis is articulated to allow for better steering.



Powered Hand Truck
Multi_MoverOverland not only specializes in wheelbarrows, but also in powered hand trucks.  Collaborating with our American Cart Hand Truck line has allowed for a top quality hand truck with a top quality electric drive system.  The Powered Multi Mover XT and Powered Mantis-X provide new ways to get more done, easier.  The carts can bring massive gains to productivity in warehouses and for inflatables.  The carts feature the same standard components as our electric wheelbarrows.  This brings proven technology to a proven design.  Battery life is 6-8 hours based on normal use.

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Established in 2008, Overland Power Carts has grown from a single cart to a wide variety of carts.  The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. Zero emissions.  Zero maintenance. Zero noise.


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