Thanks to everyone who has stopped by our Overland booth so far.  We look forward to following up with you.  To those that haven’t stopped by, we welcome you to booth R127.

Cultivate '15 show

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Why should I stop at Cultivate Booth R127?

Overland Carts have been proven to save contractors and landscapers time and money.  Since the first cart rolled off our line in 2009, Overland Carts have been a profit generator for companies.

1.  Boost Efficiency – More jobs done, faster.
The 750 pound capacity and 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow hopper make jobs more efficient and streamlined.   The electric powered drivetrain provides robust power from the first twist of the throttle.  Electric power means all the power is available, all the time.  No need for the motor to rev up, the electric motor smoothly delivers consistent, strong power.  The 750 pound weight capacity is more than enough for most standard loads.  A 10 cubic foot load of moist dirt weighs 780 lbs for comparison.  Pack more into each load.

Landscape Stone - Quick Release

Landscape Stone – Quick Release

2.  Save Backs – Safe workers are happy workers

Wheelbarrows are an efficient way to haul heavy loads but they put a significant load on the operator.  The result can be back strain or fatigue.  Lifting the same heavy loads and hauling them repeatedly wears down work forces.  The Overland motorized wheelbarrow changes that.   With a simple turn of the throttle, the 750 lb load is moving forward.  Minimize back strain and fatigue.  This ensures more jobs get done faster, and with less risk of injury.


3.  Save the Environment – Zero Emissions
Motorized wheelbarrows save time, money and labor. However, not all motorized wheelbarrows are created equal, electric power presents numerous clear advantages over gasoline.  The electric  powered wheelbarrows do not emit any emissions.  They are also nearly silent in their operation.  This allows for starting a job earlier and less noise disturbance in communities.  One of the other advantages to an electric powered wheelbarrow is minimal maintenance.  Simply plug the wheelbarrow in overnight and the battery will be fully charged for the day.  There are no fluids to change, no air filters to replace or gas containers to keep around.

In Use - branches
4.  Versatile Platform – Endless Possibilities
Overland took plenty of time developing the powered chassis.   It’s incredibly powerful, easy to use and versatile.  The wheelbarrow hopper can easily be removed revealing a base chassis.  A full line of accessories ensure your investment is maximized. Overland offers a flat steel platform that easily attaches to the cart, or add a piece of plywood and mount it.  Overland also offers a side dump mount that allows the hopper to be rotated for dumping along a flower bed.

27 Inch Platform70132-2T 70132-3T


5.  Warranty – Invest with confidence
Overland Electric Carts are built to last and are backed by a rock solid warranty.  A one year free replacement on all components other than the chassis.  The chassis has three year warranty.  Invest with confidence in the Overland Cart and bank profits immediately and in the future.

Bonus: Limited Time to Save
The Cultivate ’15 show is the best time to grab an Overland Cart.  We are offering a show special of $100 off each cart.

Cultivate 2015 Show Details
Show: Cultivate ’15
Show Sponsor: American Hort

Dates: July 11th – July 14th

Sunday, July 12th – 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday, July 13th – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, July 14th – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Booth Number: R127
Granite Representatives: Chad Kern and Matt Wyse
Specials: Available upon request  –
Shop Online: Granite’s Online Store
Overland Cart Home Page: Overland Carts

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Established in 2008, Overland Power Carts has grown from a single cart to a wide variety of carts.  The heart of all Overland Carts is the electric drive system. Zero emissions.  Zero maintenance. Zero noise.


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