Overland Extended Range Batteries

Overland battery powered electric carts use sealed lead-acid batteries.  The batteries are rechargeable and replaceable.   Overland has researched the best options on the market to ensure top performance and top quality.  This post will walk through how Overland extended range batteries work, how they can be replaced, and where to buy them.

Overland Extended Range 24V, 21A Battery Pack
This is the standard battery pack on all Overland Carts (except powered hand trucks).

Overland Electric Powered Cart - 4wd

C34 – 10 Cubic Ft with 4 wheel drive

For more information on the Overland model numbers, click here.  The battery pack consists of TWO 12V, 21A batteries in series.  The steel case provides splash protection and ensures a secure battery connection.

How many hours does the extended range battery pack last?
Under normal use in normal conditions, the battery pack will provide 6-8 hours of continuous use.  If used intermittently, the battery pack will last multiple days. Intermittent use means the cart is started and stopped without long stretches of running continuously.


How long does it take to charge the battery pack?
The extended range battery pack takes 6-8 hours to charge fully.   Overland recommends leaving the charger on over night.

Can I overcharge the batteries?
No, the battery management system on the charger prevents overcharging.  The batteries will reach their maximum charge and then the charger will stop supplying a charge.

Power Dump

C32 – Power Dump

What’s a battery cycle and how many cycles can the battery handle?
A battery cycle happens when a battery is charged, experiences a level of discharge, then is recharged.  This can be done hundreds of time over the life of the battery pack, but every battery does have a limit.  Overland puts an estimated total life of 300-500 charge/discharge cycles.  It’s recommended to let the battery run completely down before recharging it.  This maximizes the amount of charges you will get on your battery pack.

Do you offer a warranty on the batteries?
Yes, we offer a one year prorated warranty on the batteries.  This is included with the Overland Cart Standard Warranty.  The prorated warranty drops over time.  There is a 100% cost replacement for the first 6 months.  Months 6-9 are covered by a 50% cost replacement.  Months 9-12 are covered by a 25% cost replacement.   For warranty issues, please contact us via email: support@graniteind.com or by phone: 877-447-2648.

Where can I buy batteries?
One of the Overland selling points is the easy battery replacement.  OEM replacement batteries can be purchased through Amazon.
The extended range battery can be found here: PSH12180FR
Two batteries will need to be purchased.


Do you have a spec sheet for the Powersonic batteries?
Yes, you can view it here: Powersonic PSH12180FR Spec Sheet

Can I buy a battery pack direct from Overland?
Yes, if you would like to buy an extra battery pack or a replacement battery back, you can purchase it online: Overland Extended Range Battery


What charger do I need?

The 24V, 5A extended range charger is the standard charger for the extended range battery pack (24V, 21A).  However, the extended range  24V, 21A battery pack can only use either the standard 24V, 2A charger OR the extended range 24V, 5A charger.  There is a charger built in to each Overland Cart.  If a battery pack is purchased as a back up, an extra charger will also need to be purchased.


Does it matter which charger I buy?
Yes, if the extended range 24V, 5A charger is used on standard battery pack (24V, 12A) it will push too much electricity through the batteries, which is extremely dangerous.  If the only battery pack used is an extended range battery pack, then either charger will work.

Extended Range Battery 24V, 21A Compatibility
4WD Power Carts
Power Dump Power Carts

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us through phone, email or live chat.
Phone: 877-447-2648
Email: support@graniteind.com
Live Chat: Bottom right hand corner of the screen
View the battery spec sheet: Powersonic PSH12180FR Spec Sheet

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