At Overland we are continually improving and developing new carts.  In the midst of putting out the most complete line of powered carts in the USA, we thought it would be good to explain how our model numbers work.  We recently updated them to provide more transparency and clearer identification.  Overland Carts started with one main model, the C27-10A.  Over the last 5 years, customer feedback has lead us to develop an entire line of motorized carts.  Ranging from the smallest R27-6T garden cart to our 20 cu ft motorized trash/utility cart.  Keeping all the model numbers straight and cohesive has been a challenge in the past but we hope that you can follow along with our new structure.



C: Commercial or Residential
Overland features two different lines of carts.  The commercial line and the residential line.  The commercial line (C-series) is our best selling line of motorized carts.  The C-series features heavy duty Brentwood hoppers, standard dual ag tires, and a powder coated steel hopper chassis.  The residential line (R-series) is our basic line of motorized carts.  The R-series features a light duty hopper and standard turf tires.  Both are premium carts with powered chassis and rechargeable batteries.
C27-10A-70024revR27-7T (70040)






On the left: C-series with 10 cubic foot heavy duty hopper.  On the right: R-series light duty hopper

X: Four Wheel Drive or Two Wheel Drive
The four wheel drive model was developed to provide an even more robust powertrain.  Featuring two drive axles, two electric motors, four sets of dual ag tires and an extended battery, this cart is a substantial upgrade from the normal two wheel drive.  The use of an “X” designates the cart as a four wheel drive model.  If the model number does not have an “X” then it is a standard two wheel drive model.   The 4WD cart also uses an articulated chassis with steering in the back.

Overland Electric Powered Cart - 4wd

8 Cubic Ft with 4 wheel drive

34: Length of chassis
The different models of overland carts are noted by their features and also the chassis they ride on.  Similar to the automobile industry, Overland Carts use a custom chassis to develop the rest of the cart from.  The standard two wheel drive cart rides on a 27 inch chassis.  The power dump cart rides on a 32 inch chassis.  The four wheel drive cart rides on a 34″ articulated chassis.  The longest chassis is the 44 inch chassis on the power wagon.  The chassis length is close in length of the wheelbase.
Quick Hits: Available Chassis lengths
27 inch – Standard two wheel drive chassis
32 inch – Standard power dump chassis
34 inch – Standard four wheel drive chassis
44 inch – Standard wagon chassis

Overland Cart 9 cu ft Electric Powered Wagon

9 Cubic Ft Electric Powered Wagon on 44 inch chassis


8: Hopper Size in cubic feet
Overland carts come in a wide variety of hopper sizes.  The number immediately after the dash displays the volume of the hopper. Sizes can range from a 6 cubic foot wagon to a 20 cubic foot trash utility cart.  The most popular size is the 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow hopper.  It features the maximum usable size without going to the full trash hopper.   The hopper has a significant affect on overall width.  The garden carts are only 24 inches wide with turf tires and a standard light duty hopper.  The top of the line C27-10A is 36 inches wide due to the hopper width.  A standard wheelbarrow is 4-5 cubic feet for comparison.
Quick Hits: Available Hopper Sizes 
6 cubit foot light duty garden wagon
7 cubic foot light duty garden hopper
7 cubic foot heavy duty wheelbarrow hopper
8 cubic foot heavy duty wheelbarrow hopper
9 cubic foot heavy duty wagon hopper
10 cubic foot heavy duty wheelbarrow hopper
20 cubic foot heavy duty trash/utility hopper


20 cubic foot trash utility cart on 27″ chassis

A – Tire Preference
The standard tires on the Overland cart are the dual ag tires.  These tires provide the best traction and stability.  The distribution of weight helps to keep the tires from sinking into the ground.  Most Overland motorized carts ship with these tires.    Turf tires are available for light duty applications indoors or around the yard.  The single ag tires provide the traction of ag tires while minimizing width.  This is helpful on the C27-7 wheelbarrow.  The dual ag tires go past the hopper creating a width of 33 inches.  If single ag tires, or turf tires are selected, the maximum width drops to 30″.  Changing the tires do provide a small cost savings of $100, but we recommend the dual ag tires for best performance.
Quick Hits: Tires Options
A – Dual Ag Tires – Most popular
T – Turf Tires
S – Single Ag Tires

Dual Ag Tire

Dual Ag Tire

Turf Tire

Turf Tire

PD – Power Dump
PD signifies a cart that comes with power dump.  One of the first requests we got from customers was a power dump option on the carts.  After careful consideration we found the right option.  It was important that Overland stick to it’s “All Electric” power and not use a hydraulic lift.  We were able to secure an electric powered screw type actuator.  That is just a fancy way of saying, we found a way to do a controlled dump with electric power.  To accommodate the lift we extended the chassis 5 inches, thus the 32 inch chassis.

Power Dump

Power Dump on 32 inch chassis

Wrapping Up
We hope that this summary of model numbers clearly explains how the model numbers work.  We also hope that it shows the available powered cart options.  We look forward to continuing developing the Overland cart line to better meet all of our customer’s needs.



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